Neobiota 2014 8th European Conference on Biological Invasions
Biological Invasions: From understanding to action

Antalya-Turkey 03-08 November 2014

The progressing and escalating threats posed by invasive alien species in Europe suggest that inmediate cooperative, specific planning is necessary if we are to have any chanche to halt biodiversity loss. Scientific, technical, political and legal actions need to be put in place urgently in order to diminish the ecological and economic impacts of biological invasions. In this framework, NEOBIOTA 2014 will provide an international high-level forum to incorporate reserach into decision making processes an management of invasive alien species. NEOBIOTA will constitute an important opportunity to advance the dialogue and strengthen cooperation between the scientific community, conservation agencies, stakeholders, and policy and decision makers. Researchers, representatives from governmental entities, non-profit organizations, and any person or party involved in biodiversity conservation and natural resource management are invited to participate and share ideas, new results and opinions in the field of biological invasions.

Neobiota 2014 is organized by Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University on behalf of NEOBIOTA – The European Group on Biological Invasions, and in cooperation with other organisations

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EPPO/CoE/IUCN ISSG International Workshop 
How to communicate on pests and invasive alien plants?

Oeiras (PT), 2013-10-08/10

A joint EPPO/CoE/IUCN ISSG Workshop will be organized on 2013-10-08/10 in Oeiras in Portugal at the kind invitation of the General Directorate of Food and Veterinary (Portuguese Plant Protection Organization), the Centre for Functional Ecology (University of Coimbra) and the Agrarian School of Coimbra (Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra). The workshop is aimed at civil servants, scientists, land managers, members of NGOs, journalists, and any other interested persons.

Participants are kindly requested to register online as soon as possible and no later than 2013-09-15.

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