Porto, Portugal - March 2-4, 2015


The training school has now taken place - more information about the training school can be found here: http://cibio.up.pt/news/details/models-in-invasion-ecology-114-applications



Selection criteria:

The applications will first be checked for their eligibility. Applicants will be eligible if they are a person (independently of his/hers academic degree or if they are or not enrolled in an academic program), working in research (employed or otherwise affiliated - independently of the type of legal entity: private, public, big or small, for profit or not), or a PhD student, or a 1st and 2nd cycle (bachelor and master) students, with an additional link to another institution.

The eligible applications will then be assessed for their suitability for the training school. This will include consideration of how their research relates to the key objectives of the Action and the relevance of their CV to the topic of the training school.

From the applications that are eligible and suitable, the most suitable applicant per country will be selected. This is to ensure a good country balance (a COST objective).

The final 16 applicants will be drawn from that selection.

To be eligible for a grant they will need to be:-

  • representing an institute from a COST Country or Israel (http://www.cost.eu/about_cost/cost_countries),
  • or from an approved NNC Institution - for this Action that is the Ukrainian National Forestry University, the Institute for Evolutionary Ecology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the University of Montenegro and the University of Sousse (Tunisia)
  • or from an approved European RTD Organisations (there are none for this Action).