Objective 1: Identify needs and formats for an Early Warning and Rapid Response (EWRR) System. 

Objective 2: Review of pathways and priority species aligning with Strategic Goal B, target 9 of the CBD COP 10 Decision X/2 

Objective 3: Review IAS impacts in Europe and impact assessment methods, propose standardized assessment methods and assess present and expected impacts of priority IAS species. 

Objective 4: Explore existing data gaps in harmonisation and validation of information distributed in available sources in order to increase interoperability of data across the terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments. Identify needs and formats for AS information by different user groups. These groups include (1) European and national bodies involved in implementation of policy instruments (including “Streamlining European Biodiversity Indicators” - SEBI 2010 and other relevant policies) dealing with AS, (2) the scientific research community, (3) stakeholder associations, and (4) citizens