The COST Action will be coordinated through the Management Committee (MC), set up in accordance with the provisions in “Rules and Procedures for Implementing COST Actions”. The MC will comprise the Chair, Vice-Chair, WG leaders and STSM managers all nominated and elected at the COST Action kick-off meeting. The MC will oversee the planning and delivery of the COST Action including liaison with the local organisers responsible for hosting WG meetings and training workshops. Each meeting will be assigned a technical committee and editorial board to support the local organiser in logistical arrangements alongside the delivery of meeting outputs such as proceedings through the dedicated COST Action website. 

Regular communication will be maintained with the MC, wider COST Action participation, external stakeholders and other interested parties through an open-access dedicated website, e-mail and teleconference. 

WGs will include experts from COST member countries and other countries to achieve an effective membership. The WG leader nominated and elected at the kick-off meeting will be responsible for liaison within the WG and with other WGs. The WG leader will report on a monthly basis to the Chair of the COST Action to ensure continuity and progress across the COST Action. 

The targets and milestones will be outlined within a detailed timetable which will be reviewed by the COST Action Chair on a monthly basis and by the MC through the WG meetings and annual MC meeting. 

The WGs will also provide a structure for research themes and common interests to be represented. WGs will be encouraged to organise joint activities through STSMs and relevant training workshops and seminars linked to the WG meetings. 

Emphasis will be on encouraging capacity building and mobility of early-career European researchers through summer schools in conjunction with workshops (for example: a workshop on systematic review methods will be included)