WG3: Trends and analyses on impacts of priority species

Knowing and predicting the environmental and socio-economic impact of actual and potential IAS is an essential component of an efficient information and EWRR system on IAS. Various attempts to assess the impact of IAS have been made in Europe but, in general, these assessments concerned single species, pathways, countries or categories of impacts. Similarly, several methods and protocols to assess socio-economic and environmental impacts exist in Europe and elsewhere but there is a need to harmonize these methods and protocols among countries and categories of IAS. Environmental impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem functions are particularly difficult to express in monetary terms and, therefore, difficult to compare and rank. This WG will review IAS impacts in Europe and impact assessment methods, propose standardized assessment methods and assess present and expected impacts of priority IAS species to support risk assessments in the framework of an EWRR system.  WG3 will be mainly composed of animal and plant invasion ecologists and of socio-economists specialists in IAS.