WG4 Tasks

Task 1: Review available information sources (and exchange standards through Darwin Core) and develop protocols for establishment, upgrading or harmonising existing databases and explore links between existing information sources, particularly focusing on species lists and pathways (WG 2) of arrival in the context of EWRR (WG 1).

Task 2: Harmonise terminology in coordination with global initiatives (such as Global Invasive Species Database) to avoid the risk of inconsistencies between the adopted terms in various data sources at the European and global scale.

Task 3: Identification of minimum and desirable data requirements for quality assurance across all major environment types (terrestrial, freshwater, marine) and taxonomic groups resulting in recommendations for using specific Darwin Core fields for AS (http://code.google.com/p/applecore/). Compare formats and platforms of existing interactive electronic identification tools.

Task 4: Upload new and existing data sources using DAISIE as a repository or EASIN as a mechanism for linking other established databases.