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Species Common name Taxon Group No. of Records
Pacifastacus leniusculusSignal Crayfishcrustacean741
Neovison visonAmerican minkterrestrial mammal448
Eriocheir sinensisChinese Mitten Crabcrustacean182
Neovison visonAmerican minkterrestrial mammal142
Pelophylax ridibundusMarsh Frogamphibian97
Pacifastacus leniusculusSignal Crayfishcrustacean90
Pacifastacus leniusculusSignal Crayfishcrustacean47
Trachemys scripta elegansRed-eared Terrapinreptile40
Dreissena polymorphaZebra Musselmollusc21
Trachemys scripta elegansRed-eared Terrapinreptile18
Neovison visonAmerican minkterrestrial mammal13
Neovison visonAmerican minkterrestrial mammal12
Pelophylax ridibundusMarsh Frogamphibian10
Dikerogammarus haemobaphesDemon Shrimpcrustacean9
Corbicula flumineaAsiatic Clammollusc6
Pacifastacus leniusculusSignal Crayfishcrustacean4
Eriocheir sinensisChinese Mitten Crabcrustacean4
Dreissena polymorphaZebra Musselmollusc3
Silurus glanisWels catfishbony fish (Actinopterygii)3
Eriocheir sinensisChinese Mitten Crabcrustacean3
Neovison visonAmerican minkterrestrial mammal3
Dikerogammarus haemobaphesDemon Shrimpcrustacean3
Neovison visonAmerican minkterrestrial mammal2
Gymnocephalus cernuusruffebony fish (Actinopterygii)2
Leucaspius delineatusSunbleakbony fish (Actinopterygii)2
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