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Species Common name Taxon Group No. of Records
Oryctolagus cuniculusRabbitterrestrial mammal11368
Erinaceus europaeusHedgehogterrestrial mammal9887
Sciurus carolinensisGrey squirrelterrestrial mammal9512
Talpa europaeaMoleterrestrial mammal8930
Vulpes vulpesFoxterrestrial mammal7737
Lepus europaeusBrown hareterrestrial mammal6595
Meles melesBadgerterrestrial mammal6209
Capreolus capreolusRoe deerterrestrial mammal6070
Sciurus vulgarisRed squirrelterrestrial mammal3365
Lutra lutraOtterterrestrial mammal2738
Arvicola terrestrisWater voleterrestrial mammal1975
Muntiacus reevesiMuntjacterrestrial mammal1852
Apodemus sylvaticusWood mouseterrestrial mammal1818
Rattus norvegicusBrown / Common ratterrestrial mammal1743
Mustela ermineaStoatterrestrial mammal1701
Dama damaFallow deerterrestrial mammal1533
Pipistrellus pygmaeusSoprano pipistrelleterrestrial mammal1515
Mustela nivalisWeaselterrestrial mammal1193
Lepus timidusMountain hareterrestrial mammal1189
Microtus agrestisField voleterrestrial mammal1165
Sorex araneusCommon Shrewterrestrial mammal1070
Cervus elaphusRed deerterrestrial mammal1026
Myodes glareolusBank voleterrestrial mammal1024
Pipistrellus pipistrellusCommon pipistrelleterrestrial mammal880
Halichoerus grypusGrey sealmarine mammal869
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