Welcome to the Mammal Watch South East (MaWSE) project and the Mammal Tracker app!

Shy, usually nocturnal and generally inconspicuous, it’s perhaps not so surprising that Britain’s mammal species are particularly under-recorded. Knowledge of our mammal species is much more limited than people often realise and this important species group needs more attention, so that we can accurately put them on the map. Once we have a clearer picture of the whereabouts and numbers of our mammals, we can implement more effective conservation. This is why The Mammal Society has introduced the Heritage Lottery Funded project Mammal Watch South East (MaWSE), focused on encouraging public involvement in mammal monitoring in the South East counties of Hampshire, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and the Isle of Wight. We will be producing an online South East Mammal Atlas once we have sufficient records.

As part of the project we have created the new Mammal Tracker app with Natural Apptitude to make identifying and submitting records of mammals you have seen quick and easy when out and about! This method also maintains the reliability of records with the use of photos and the verification of records by mammal experts. Although the MaWSE project is focusing in the South East, the app operates nationwide (excluding Ireland where there is already a mammal app) and we still need records from all over the UK to contribute to our National Mammal Atlas. Therefore, wherever the record is from, it will contribute to mammal mapping and ultimately mammal conservation in the British Isles. Whether it is a direct sighting of a mammal or simply a field sign (e.g. paw print) we want to know, so please get clicking and help us map mammals!