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St Patrick`s-cabbage

A perennial, stoloniferous herb usually found in acid conditions in areas of high rainfall (exceeding one metre per year over much of its range), where it grows in humid, rocky woods, on shady mountain cliffs and relatively unshaded S.-facing slopes. 0?1040 m on Carrantuohill (S. Kerry).


A perennial, stoloniferous herb, usually growing in shaded or at least damp places in woods, by streams, on banks and walls, and among rocks. Generally lowland, but reaching 335 m at Parsley Hay (Derbys.).

Starry Saxifrage

A perennial, stoloniferous herb found in open (rarely shaded), wet flushes, growing by mountain streams or on wet rock ledges and cliff-faces, usually in base-poor soil. It is commonly found from about 200-1000 m, although it has been recorded at 1340 m on the top of Ben Nevis (Westerness).

Strawberry Saxifrage

A stoloniferous perennial herb naturalised on shady walls and in churchyards. Lowland.

Rue-leaved Saxifrage

A winter-annual that occurs in dry, open habitats such as sandy grassland, limestone pavement and rock ledges, cliffs and screes, and on man-made structures like mortared walls, pavements and railway tracks. It is most commonly found on base-rich substrates, often on skeletal soils or virtually bare rock. Usually lowland, but ascending to 595 m on Widdale Fell (N.W. Yorks.).

Pyrenean Saxifrage

A perennial herb, eventually forming a low cushion of basal leaf-rosettes from prostrate stems. S. umbrosa occurs as a naturalised garden escape in shady or at least damp places, occurring by streams, on banks and among rocks. Lowland.