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Mexican Poppy

A well-branched, slightly spiny annual, occasionally grown in gardens and found as a casual on rubbish tips and waste ground. It also occurs as a grain and wool alien. Lowland.

Californian Poppy

A perennial herb that is frequently encountered as a casual on rubbish tips and roadsides, but sometimes becomes naturalised in quarries, on railway tracks and waste ground. It has long been naturalised on dunes in Guernsey. Lowland.

Yellow Horned-poppy

A short-lived perennial herb of shingle banks and stony beaches; also, more rarely, amongst loose rock and on eroding cliffs of sand and clay, and on the bare tops of chalk cliffs. The few inland records are of casual occurrences. Lowland.

Welsh Poppy

A long-lived perennial herb, native in damp, rocky woodlands and on shaded cliff ledges. It is also grown in gardens and has become naturalised on hedge banks, walls, roadsides and waste ground. Native plants range from the lowlands to 640 m (Cwm Idwal, Caerns.).

Prickly Poppy

An annual of arable crops, usually found on field edges and in unsprayed corners, often in small numbers. It is most frequent on light sandy, gravelly and chalky soils. Rarely, it occurs on waste ground. Lowland.

Atlas Poppy

A perennial herb that has become naturalised on walls, roadsides and waste ground. Lowland.

Long-headed Poppy

An annual found principally in arable fields, where it can occur on both light and heavy calcareous soils. It is also found on waste ground by roadsides and railways, and in gardens. The seed is very long-lived. Lowland, but with one record at 425 m in Atholl (E. Perth).

Rough Poppy

This annual occurs in arable crops, and sometimes in other disturbed habitats. It is most frequent on chalky soils, but also grows on other limestones and on calcareous sands. The seed, which can be long-lived, germinates in both autumn and spring. 0-320 m (Buxton, Derbys.).

Common Poppy

An annual of arable fields and other disturbed and open habitats. It is most frequent on light, calcareous soils. It is sensitive to herbicide, but can be abundant in unsprayed strips in fields. Its seed can be very long-lived. It is also frequent in wild-flower seed mixtures and occurs as a garden escape. Lowland.

Opium Poppy

An annual occurring as a casual garden escape on roadsides, waste ground and rubbish tips, and occasionally in arable fields as a relic of cultivation for poppy seed. Lowland, with one record at 410 m (Eisteddfa Gurig, Cards.).