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Spreading Hedge-parsley

An annual, rarely biennial, herb, almost exclusively found on arable land in autumn-sown cereals, but sometimes in other arable crops; also on waste and disturbed ground. It is perhaps most frequent on calcareous clays, but is found on a wide range of soils, including sands and gravels. Lowland.

Upright Hedge-parsley

An annual, or rarely biennial, herb of dry neutral and basic soil, found in woodland margins, hedgerows, rough and rank grassland, and on roadside verges. 0-410 m (Craven Pennines, Mid-W. Yorks.).

Knotted Hedge-parsley

An annual found in a wide range of dry, sparsely vegetated habitats, including open grassland, sunny banks, sea walls, cliff-tops, arable fields, tracks and waste ground; occasionally in disused sand- and gravel-pits, and on rubbish tips. Lowland.