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False Londonpride

A perennial, stoloniferous herb that is naturalised in shaded or at least damp places. It is usually found in woods, by streams, on banks and amongst rocks. Lowland.

Scarce Londonpride

A stoloniferous, mat-forming herb occurring as a garden escape in damp, shaded, often rocky places such as woodland, roadside banks and streamsides. Lowland.

Mossy Saxifrage

A perennial, stoloniferous herb growing on moist rocks, screes, cliffs and by mountain streams, rarely on sand dunes, often in partial shade. Substrates are frequently base-rich, although it can grow on acidic rocks. It is also cultivated and sometimes escapes. 0-1215 m (Ben Lawers, Mid Perth), but generally from 200-760 m.

Alpine Saxifrage

A perennial, rhizomatous herb growing on damp, shady, base-rich rocks and cliffs. It is usually found in crevices and on ledges where competing vegetation does not overtop it. From 365 m at Quiraing (N. Ebudes) to 1210 m on Ben Lawers (Mid Perth), with unlocalised records at 1300 m in the Cairngorms.

Purple Saxifrage

A prostrate to more or less densely caespitose perennial herb, growing on open, moist but well-drained, base-rich rocks and stony ground, mainly on cliff-faces, ledges, stony flushes and scree slopes, the southern sites having a northerly aspect. From near sea level to 1210 m (Ben Lawers, Mid Perth), but usually between 300 and 1000 m.

Livelong Saxifrage

A shortly stoloniferous perennial herb forming mats of leaf rosettes. It has been planted on limestone rocks in Mid-W. Yorkshire and occurs as a relic of cultivation in Lanarkshire. Lowland.

Highland Saxifrage

A perennial, bulbiliferous and stoloniferous herb of basic rocks. S. rivularis grows on ledges or under overhangs, in damp, steep, N.- to E.-facing gullies, or more rarely in bryophyte-rich flushes on exposed scree. From 795 m in the Lairig Ghru (Easterness) to 1200 m on Ben Nevis (Westerness).

S. rosacea subsp. hartii grows on sea-cliffs, where it has apparently been recorded from a number of stations on the W. and N. parts of Aranmore Island (W. Donegal). The altitude is reported to be about 90 m.

Irish Saxifrage

A stoloniferous perennial herb of well-drained but moist, rocky or stony substrates with little or no soil cover. It is especially common among rocks in and by mountain streams, but also occurs on cliff ledges, in rocky gullies, on scree slopes and sea-cliffs, often in open, N.- to E.-facing sites. 0?960 m (Macgillycuddy`s Reeks, S. Kerry), but rarely below 500 m.

Round-leaved Saxifrage

A rosette-forming perennial herb occurring as a naturalised garden escape in woodland and by shady streams. Lowland.