June 2014

Wonderful Jersey

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A holiday in early May to Jersey, my first visit to this island, gave me the opportunity to extend my plant species in a big way. With the help of a lovely lady who gave up her Bank Holiday and took me to La Carriere Dunes area where I noted 18 new species. These included Jersey Pigmyweed, Spring Vetch, Little Robin, Sand Catstail, Dwarf Pansy. We later explored Corbiere where 6 additional new species included my target Sand Crocus, also Four-leaved Allseed, Upright Chickweed, etc. Later in the week Lax-flowered Orchid was in flower. A memorable few days.

Weevily the best tick of the day

Going through the garden moth trap this morning, I was pleased to find the second Privet Hawk Moth of the year. I posed it on the dead willow for a photo, when the nearby bird dropping sprouted legs and started to move....

Closer inspection revealed the rather funky Platyrhinus resinosus - a new weevil and very very cool to boot. Sadly, once it clocked me, it went into bird dropping mode.

It is amazing how much...

Pirata piscatorius new to West Sussex!

Andy Phillips has confirmed that the specimen I recorded of the large wolf spider Pirata piscatorius last week in the Black Hole at Burton Pond is a first for West Sussex. This is a big impressive spider (at Pevensey, people often mistake them for raft spiders!) so it is surprising that it has been over looked. West Sussex does have plenty of undiscovered species though and the Black Hole is not exactly the most inviting of habitats!

Here is the BAS web page of the spider http://www...

Marsh Frits

Taking advantage of a sunny late afternoon, I headed to a new site for me - the beautiful Chambers Farm Wood near Lincoln. Little Scrubbs Meadow was awash with Common Spotted Orchids and Ragged Robin and it was minutes before I located the first of two Marsh Fritillaries. This brighter individual was very confiding, landing on my hand. A second (?female) was pale and translucent - apparently one old name for this species was Greasy Fritillary as their beauty is so transient.