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New year, new numbers

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It's been ages since I updated my species group totals, partly for the very dull reason that I've swapped from using MapMate to using iRecord to store my records, and of course the species dictionaries between the two systems don't match up, so it's taken me ages to work out what my total actually is. But I've now got the figures sorted on my profile page, and can see what progress, or lack of it, I've made since I last totted everything up on 19 February 2013 (the totals from...

Close to home

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My most recent eight new species have all come from close to home, in fact actually in my home for one of them.


Last year I noticed a plant on a nearby road verge, with yellow flowers and four petals, and spent some time trying to work out what sort of crucifer it was, but failed to come up with a satisfactory ID. It's flowering in the same place this year, and I again spent some time puzzling over the crucifer (cabbage family) pages, before it struck me that the leaves looked a bit like a poppy. So I tried the poppy family instead, and there it was - Greater Celandine ...


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