Biological Recording Software.... dare I ask which would be better for me...

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Biological Recording Software.... dare I ask which would be better for me...

Good day,

As the year comes to an end in a bit more than a months time and the Pennies role in from the student finance people in January, I think It is time to get down on the biological recording software. I thought as well as browsing about the options myself and trying to decide which would be better, I would ask the advice of the PSL'ers. It seems to come down to either Recorder or Mapmate. What are everyones thoughts? 


Ta muchly 

I use iRecord, then if I have

I use iRecord, then if I have time for analysis/display beyond what's on the website, it's done in Excel or R


I started using iRecord, mainly as mapmate was a pain in my Mac. Have been adding all new records and starting adding some historic. It does everything i need really.

Records go into the 'bigger picture" and I can download spreadsheets as needed. Having said that I also keep master spreadsheets for key groups I record and now trying to put together a ful pan species list. (IRecord not so useful for this)


I do use iRecord at the minute but I want a bit more in the wap of reports and keeping survey results. I love iRecord and would hope that many people come to use it. 

Hi Wil

Hi Wil

Any thoughts on features/reports that you'd like to see added to iRecord which would make a big difference for you?



John, what has confused me

John, what has confused me recently is that on entering sightings of Redwing and Snow Bunting this month, I get flags saying these sightings are outside their normal flight times!!

A minor quibble. Otherwise finding it incredibly useful. 

I would likek to use it to maintain my PSL but have notebooks going back 30+ years, the earlier ones are sometimes a bit vague on exact site locations. eg I recorded 2 sundew species on a holiday in NW Scotland in 1985 but not sure where exactly! I guess this goes beyond the remit of the tool (as a place of record) but wonder if there's a way of flagging such data so that it's available to the user but not the wider recording public?



Features and reports...

Good evening John, hmm.... I guess one things is really something I have been meaning to ask iRecord and that is uploading information that is already entered say in an excel sheet. One thing that would spring to mind is some form of habitat recording. 

Hello, thank you for being

Hello, thank you for being accepted to my ranks, I really liked this topic and I decided to start studying it