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Rank Title Description Species total
11 Sutton Fen

A floodplain fen in the River Ant valley, part of the Ant Broads and Marshes SSSI, billed in its SSSI designation as "one of the finest valley fens in Western Europe". The c.200Ha site includes areas of ancient alder carr, willow and birch scrub, small areas of Sphagnum bog as well as some 'upland' (up to 3m above sea level) meadows and woodlands. Benefiting from some historic recording by Robert Gurney at the start of the 20th century and latterly by the RSPB since the site was purchased in 2007, the species list is growing at pace.

12 Northwich Community Woodlands

A variety of habitats including broad-leaved and coniferous woodland, unimproved grassland, scrub, open water in the form of several ponds, wader lagoons and mere

13 Iping & Stedham Commons Sussex Wildlife Trust Reserve

Iping & Stedham Commons offer some of the best that this scarce heathland habitat can offer. A great deal of early succesional management is carried out that greatly benefits invertebrates.

14 Horsey, Norfolk TG4523

A 1 km square at Horsey in East Norfolk, about half a mile from the coast. Mainly arable but with some small woodlands, hedges and brackish broadland dykes. Mostly private so all recording is done in about 5% of the area of the 1 km square. All records from Oct 2013 onwards.

15 Bushy Park 2700
16 Jennifer Owen's Leicester garden

The subject of a famous inventory study over 30 years (1972 - 2001) involving many expert naturalists and published by Owen, J. (2010). Wildlife of a garden. A thirty-year study. Peterborough: Royal Horticultural Society. Despite all that effort, Owen recognised that her garden list was still far from complete and estimated, quite reasonably, that the insect list alone could exceed 10,000 given enough recording over enough time. The garden itself is "nothing special".

17 The Nunnery (BTO HQ, Thetford)

The grounds of the BTO's headquarters in Thetford, including alder carr, birch woodland, the river Little Ouse, a series of fishing lakes, some flood meadows and small areas of Breck grassland. Most records from BTO staff, with occasional contributions from visitors. Lots still to discover clearly, current species total very much a work in progress.

18 Hedgecourt SSSI

A tiny site of flooded woodland, reedbed and open water on the West Sussex-Surrey border, sometimes bearing resemblance to the everglades after heavy rain! 

19 Sapcote Parish, Leicestershire

Rural parish in Leicestershire. Details at naturespot.org.uk/parish/sapcote .

20 Tim Hodge's garden, Horsey, East Norfolk

Garden is a small subset (0.02 hectares) of the 1 km square TG4523. Part of a small hamlet surrounded by arables fields, hedgerows and small woodlands, close to the Broads and the coast.



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