Location rankings

Rank Title Description Species total
21 TM2499 (Shotesham, Norfolk)

1 km square, heavily covered in 2013 but other records from 2006 onwards now totted up also. 

Grand total last updated 27th May 2018 (taxon groups not fully updated yet)


22 Beddington Farmlands


400 acre site in South London currently being developed into a major urban nature reserve. Mixed habitat of lakes, species rich grassland, woodland edge, old sewage farm and landfill


23 Shortheath Common

Hampshire County Council owned SSSI / SAC.

24 Ickworth Park

A 723 ha classic National Trust parkland estate in west Suffolk, with a Mansion in the centre. The habitats include 250 ha of woodland (some ancient, most secondary) and hundreds of mature and veteran trees in the grazed parkland. There are some wetland habitats along the central stream, with its 2 lakes. The 366 ha of grasslands have mostly been agriculturally improved, but some are unimproved, there is some arable land, although most of the parkland is in long term restoration to grassland with trees.

25 Tim Hodge's garden, Horsey, East Norfolk

Garden is a small subset (0.02 hectares) of the 1 km square TG4523. Part of a small hamlet surrounded by arables fields, hedgerows and small woodlands, close to the Broads and the coast.

26 Sutton Courtenay (1km square)

A 1km square in the middle of the Oxfordshire village of Sutton Courtenay, covering the river Thames and some scrubby bits of waste ground, a 'millenium common' (rank scrubby grassland), and some gardens. Recorded in by Richard Comont for the 2013 and 2014 1000 species in a 1km square challenges

27 Fineshade Wood

Fineshade Wood in the north of Northamptonshire is the largest surviving remnant of Rockingham Forest. Most of the wood is managed by the Forestry Commission.  It includes ancient mixed broadleaf and areas of former conifer that are being allowed to regenerate. There are 17 ponds, a stream, glades, swallow holes and a disused railway line. The FC have for years been operating an Ancient Woodland Project here and have recently embarked on a ride-widening project.

28 Malling Down Sussex Wildlife Trust Reserve

Superb chalk-grassland and scrub with many typical and rare flowers and invertebrates, all within walking distance of Lewes town centre. 1/8th of all the species of beetle in the UK have been recorded at Malling Down!


29 Filsham Reedbed Sussex Wildlife Trust Reserve

A reedbed with ditches and pools set in a river valley floodplain between Bexhill and Hastings.

30 Whiteknights Park

The main campus of the University of Reading. Records from staff and students both past and present, as well as visiting recorders. For more information and complete species lists, see our biodiversity blog.



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