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Rank Title Description Species total
31 Cullaloe LNR

A Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve in Fife, VC85, which was formerly the reservoir for nearby Burntisland before being decommissioned in the 1980s.

The reserve comprises two ponds, the main one of which is an SSSI because it contains Mudwort, for which the water level is dropped in the autumn. Other water features include a stream flowing along one flank and some filter beds from the reservoir. There is some mixed woodland, a small stand of pines and extensive Willow/Birch scrub.

32 Filsham Reedbed Sussex Wildlife Trust Reserve

A reedbed with ditches and pools set in a river valley floodplain between Bexhill and Hastings.

33 Whiteknights Park

The main campus of the University of Reading. Records from staff and students both past and present, as well as visiting recorders. For more information and complete species lists, see our biodiversity blog.

34 Marline Valley Sussex Wildlife Trust Reserve

Close to the town of Hastings lies a deep wooded valley, or ghyll. At the bottom of this valley runs a stream, babbling over sandstone. Many mosses, liverworts and ferns are the reason for the site's designation as a SSSI but the neutral meadows abover the ghyll are also fantastically rich for wildlife.

35 SP5595(ish), Whetstone, Leicestershire [M.P. Skevington]

This is the 1km square that I used for the 2013 1000 in 1km square challenge. It is half of SP5595 and half of SP5695, which conveniently includes my garden but excludes the part of SP5595 that is west of the M1 that fully bisects the square. I've lived here since 1994, and only recorded birds until 1999 when I started getting interesting in moths. I've run a garden moth trap regularly since 2000, but anything else has been casual additions until the 2013 challenge when I looked at bit harder.

36 AJM's garden, Shotesham (Norfolk)

Fairly regular moth-trapping since 2006 plus other bits and pieces recorded sporadically. Includes birds/mammals seen from the garden too. Garden is a subset of the TM2499 site in these rankings. 

Last updated 8th October 2018

37 JN Garden, Orton Waterville

A suburban garden, home to regular moth recording over the last 4 years (current moth list heading towards 800) plus miscellaneous other taxa. Approx 1/3 acre in size, with a pond, native planting, woodland border, annuals and some rough grass.

38 Rothamsted Trap 664, Wheldrake, nr York

Running since May 2010, this light trap is part of the long-running Rothamsted Insect Survey and contributes data essential to the long-term monitoring of moth populations. 0.000025ha.

39 Bekynton House

Richard Comont's garden in Sutton Courtenay, South Oxfordshire - just under 1/4 of an acre, including the house, scene of regular moth trapping and ad hoc other recording between 2011 and the end of 2014

40 Walters Ash, Buckinghamshire

Neil Fletcher's garden.  Regular moth-trapping and ad hoc recording over 15 years in semi-rural garden adjacent to Naphill Common.



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