Recorder Rankings

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Species GroupLeaderSpecies Count
AlgaeJonty Denton288
Slime mouldsMalcolm Storey51
Protists other than Algae and Slime MouldsJonty Denton24
LichensSimon Davey1228
Fungi other than Lichens, including fungoid organismsMalcolm Storey1391
BryophytesPaul Bowyer530
Vascular PlantsJohn Martin2322
SpongesRichard Comont12
Comb-jelliesRichard Comont, Jerry Lanfear, James Harding-Morris, Seth Gibson, Jeff Blincow, Richard Lawrence2
CnidariansRichard Comont45
MolluscsRichard Comont227
BryozoansRichard Comont30
Annelid wormsRichard Comont56
Platyhelminth wormsBrian Eversham18
Sea spidersRichard Comont4
ArachnidsJonty Denton508
MyriapodsMark Telfer87
CrustaceansRichard Comont101
Springtails, proturans and 2-tailed bristletailsRichard Comont53
Insects: 3-tailed BristletailsMark Telfer9
Insects: OdonataMark Telfer, David Gibbs48
Insects: orthopteroidsMark Telfer42
Insects: hemipteroidsJonty Denton876
Insects: HymenopteraDavid Gibbs834
Insects: ColeopteraMark Telfer2766
Insects: DipteraDavid Gibbs3184
Insects: Lepidoptera: butterfliesSeth Gibson, Stuart Read, Christopher Glanfield62
Insects: Lepidoptera: mothsTony Davis1636
Insects: remaining small ordersJonty Denton195
EchinodermsRichard Comont20
TunicatesRichard Comont24
FishRichard Comont98
ReptilesRichard Comont10
AmphibiansJonty Denton13
BirdsDavid Gibbs530
MammalsMark Telfer, David Gibbs64
other Animals (Placozoa, Myxozoa, rotifers, other worms, Hemichordata, etc.)Jonty Denton36