Rank Full name Species total Last updated on Latest addition Age
101 Marilyn Abdulla 1471 31st December, 2017 Bryony Mining Bee, found in the garden this year, but somehow missed off the list! 63
102 Richard Lawrence 1452 8th December, 2016 Idotea baltica, Idotea linealis, Aphrodita aculeate, Ophiothrix fragilis, Illosporiopsis christiansenii, Sanderling, Great White Egret.
103 Steve Alton 1379 20th August, 2014
104 Bill Mansfield 1379 29th October, 2017 Segrestia florentina, not 1st for County, but a close second. 42
105 Stephen O'Donnell 1371 9th April, 2015 Little Bustard
106 Josie Hewitt 1294 21st May, 2018 Delicate (Mythimna vitellina, 31/08/17 - Bardsey Island), Sabine's Gull, Leach's Petrel & Long-tailed Skua (11/09/17 - Bardsey Island) 20
107 Nigel Sluman 1290 22nd March, 2015 Last 3 additions: Scarlet Elf Cap, Eastwood LNR, Somerset, 05/03/2015 Cramps Ball, Eastwood LNR, Somerset,12/03/2015 Oak Beauty, Swindon, Wiltshire, 21/03/2015
108 Reuben Nebbett-Blades 1289 17th June, 2018 Norfolk Hawker, Scarce Emerald Damselfly, Agapanthia villosoviridescens, Woodlark, Lesser Whitethroat, Limnophila schranki (a cranefly), common seal,Inonotus radiatus, Volucella zonaria, Fuligo septica, Trichoglossum hirsutum, Pectoral Sandpiper, Caspian Gull, Leptoglossus occidentalis, Erysiphe aquilegiae, Orchesella villosa, Erysiphe heraclei, Nabis ferus, Pogognathellus longicornis, Araneus quadratus, Cicadella viridis, Eupteryx florida, Geastrum striatum (Striate earthstar), Orchesella cincta, Idiocerus ustulatus, Empoasca vitis, Emmelina monodactyla, Liocoris tripustulatus, Pentatoma rufipes, Citrine Wagtail (at RSPB Minsmere), Ganoderma applanatum, Polyporus squamosus, Coprinopsis lagopus, Helophilus pendulus, Hypena proboscidalis, Silpha laevigata, Melanchra persicariae, Platyarthrus hoffmannseggii, Campodea fragilis, Spartina anglica, Lygus rugulipennis, Stone curlew, Birch Shieldbug, Pyrrhalta viburni, Nabis rugosus, Lamium amplexicaule, Cepea hortensis, Puccinia malvacearum, Wood Sandpiper, Greenshank, Green Sandpiper, Grayling, Lotus tenuis 14
109 Mike Mullis 1282 12th November, 2014 Esperia sulphurella just over a week ago but no moth-trap at the moment. Still slowly updating all taxa. My (1100) 1KSQ species from 2013 are now on, as are all my birds and butterflies plus a meagre (Sussex only) odonata total. A couple more moths too but still a long way to go to get all the plants up to date ...
110 Andrew Thomas 1280 2nd January, 2018 Adder, Slow-worm, Adonis Blue, Silver-spotted Skipper, Brown Argus, Clouded Yellow, Silver-washed Fritillary, Autumn Lady's Tresses, Autumn Gentian, Tansy, Red Bartsia, Pale Tussock, Wavy-barred Sable, Ferdinandea cuprea, Eristalis nemorum plus 5 more plants/flies (26/08/17) Fuligo septica, plus 68 species of fungi (19/08/2017) Hygromia cinctella (15/08/17) Long-billed Dowitcher, Bonaparte's Gull, Golden Samphire, Salsify (12/08/17) Batracomorphus allionii, Ajuga chamaepitys, Hylaeus signatus, Chelostoma campanularum and 40+ more (29/07/17) 30
111 Mark Peacock 1258 31st December, 2017 Devils Fingers from the "Most Wanted"...which I actually twitched..Ectoedemia heringi. 22 Spot Ladybird
112 Nicola Dixon 1250 18th May, 2016
113 James Spencer 1248 20th November, 2017 Portuguese Man O' War, Little Bunting, Crimson Speckled, White Speck, Pittosporum, 35
114 Richard Billington 1240 8th May, 2018 Recent trip to Looe with my student who knows about seaweeds was quite productive. Stegobius paniceum in some old dog biscuits. Still being reminded of other stuff I have seen in the past but had not added, Cod and Red-eared Slider being the most recent. 41
115 Simon Pinder 1212 18th September, 2017 44
116 Ian Pritchard 1200 31st January, 2018 otter 51
117 Kevin Lunham 1193 17th June, 2018 Catching up on moth records from 2017 45
118 Adam Hartley 1183 30th September, 2014
119 Susy Jones 1173 17th June, 2018 Meadow clary several plants both common and scarce from north yorkshire, ptinomorphus imperialis, red grouse, early gentian, elysia viridis (a sea slug), hairy crab (pilumnus hirtellus), Shepherd's purse, Procumbent yellow sorrel, bush vetch, Carline thistle, Thyme leaved sandwort, Andrena cineraria, Colts foot (from april) common toothwort, laetiporus sulphureus (chicken of the woods), meadow saxifrage, horner wood. st patrick's cabbage, exmoor. eurydema oleracea (brassica bug), canvey wick. lesser horseshoe bat, exmoor. hairy bittercress, horner wood. maidenhair spleenwort, horner wood. three cornered garlic, exmoor Portuguese man o'war, hericium cirrhatum, Baird's sandpiper common vetchling, bombus vestalis, ivy leaved toadflax, common mouse ear, cut leaved cranesbill, lots of moths in my garden trap, wood sorrel, thyme leaved speedwell, swoard leaved helleborine, Bombus pratorum, Dog's mercury, Pasqueflower, Green winged orchid, Beautiful yellow underwing, apis mellifera, 28
120 James Bailey 1141 28th June, 2016 Hedera hibernica 21
121 Ben Mapp 1130 6th June, 2017 6/6 - Additions from a busy few months - Theridion blackwalli, Cheiracanthium erraticum (spiders), Green Nettle Weevil (weevil), Delphacodes pellucida, (hopper) from sweeping Laurel bushes in my garden on June 4th. Common Leaf Weevil (weevil), Chrysopa pallens (lacewing) found in the garden on the same day. Macrosiphum hellebore (aphid) in garden on June 1st. Coltsfoot (plant) and Jack Snipe (bird) found on a walk at Rainham Marshes in March. Four-spotted Chaser (odonata) and Stone-curlew (bird) at Minsmere on May 27th. Dugesia lugubris (flatworm - my 1st Platyhelminth!) from pond dipping at Rainham on May 30th. Finally Banded Demoiselle (odonata) at RHS Wisley on May 31st. 14
122 Neal Gates 1119 3rd September, 2014
123 paul hughes 1114 25th June, 2017 23rd June 2017 1112 Oedemera noblis Barnack Hiils & Holes 1113 Atropa belladonna Bloody Oaks Quarry 1114 Polygala calcarae Bloody Oaks Quarry 45
124 Andy Hill 1113 9th October, 2017 Arctic Warbler, Rose-coloured Starling, Birch Catkin Bug ,Twenty Four Spot Ladybird, Nettle Ground Bug, Brown Argus, Common Fleabane, Large Thistle Aphid, Viburnum Leaf Beetle, Mother of Pearl, Straw Dot, Straw Grass Veneer, Giant Puffball, Traveller's Joy, Bechstein's Bat, Brandt's Bat, Jersey Tiger, Stag Beetle, Southern Oak Bush Cricket, Stone Curlew, Small Red Eyed Damselfly, European Bee-eater, Sheep's Bit, Slender St.Johns Wort 33
125 Steve Marshall 1102 14th August, 2017 Serotine and Nathusius' pipestrelle bats were species 1000 and 1001...I still have some old records to go back through when I find them! Other recent additions include Black Lace-weaver spider, Serin, Arum and Bluebell Rusts, Elder aphid, Euonymus Scale, Tree Bumblebee, Hairy-footed Flower Bee, Ancylis mitterbacheriana, Water Carpet, The Streamer and Beautiful Periwinkle.
126 Edward Betteridge 1075 6th June, 2017 Birch marble, Roseate marble, Sorrel bent-wing, Vinegar cap, Lesser stag beetle 16
127 Amy Robjohns 1063 28th May, 2018
128 Elliot Dowding 1044 18th June, 2018 Latest Additions are: Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Grizzled Skipper, Mother Shipton moth and Common Gromwell at Rewell wood and Fairmile bottom - Round-leaved Sundew at Lavington Common - 24-spot Ladybird, Velvet Ant (Mutilla europaea) and Sea Milkwort at Pagham Harbour - Ampedus balteatus at Buchan park - Roseate Tern on Coquet Island, Grasshopper Warbler at East Chevington - Privet Hawk moth at Wolstonbury hill - Stenurella melanura at Buchan park. 24
129 Amy Schwartz 1021 8th October, 2015 Woodchat shrike
130 Adam Cross 1008 17th May, 2018 Variety of plants from old survey notes on Western Isles, inc. fat-hen, bugloss, viviparous fescue, adder's tongue. 31
131 David James Urwin 987 2nd July, 2016 Birch Polypore, Springy Turf Moss, Hazel Glue, Danish Scurvy Grass and Metzgeria Furcata to name a few. Edging towards 1,000 overall species slowly but surely 34
132 Jerry Lanfear 961 2nd March, 2016 Peltigera didactyla
133 Alex Ramsay 933 16th August, 2017 0
134 Sharon Harrison 930 12th June, 2016
135 Chris Chesney Langsdon 906 27th October, 2017 30
136 Rowan Alder 903 4th April, 2015 Phleogena faginea Tachypodoiulus niger Platydema violaceum Trichophya pilicornis Cyclosa conica Tachyporus habrosus Lycoperdon pyriforme Myxarium nucleatum Cartodere nodifer Limax marginatus Coprinus comatus Porcellio scaber Ypsolopha ustella Agonopterix heracliana Vincenzellus ruficollis Habrocerus capillaricornis Rutstroemia firma Macrotyphula fistulosa Punctum pygmaeum Phloiophilus edwardsii
137 Ian Taylor 897 17th June, 2018 Currently adding a large backlog of vascular plant records but genuinely new species for the UK over the last year were Eurasian Crane, Swallowtail, White Admiral, Norfolk Hawker, Hairy Dragonfly and Scarce Chaser at Hickling Broad, Norfolk on 18th June 2017; Little Gull at Titchwell, Norfolk on 19th June 2017; Hummingbird Hawkmoth on Centranthus ruber flowers in Erpingham, Norfolk on 22nd June 2017; Black-winged Stilt at Potter Heigham Marshes, Norfolk on 26th June 2017; Wood Sandpiper at Leighton Moss, Lancashire on 29th July 2017; Little Stint at Leighton Moss on 5th August 2017; Purple Heron also at Leighton Moss on 19th August 2017; Buff-breasted Sandpiper on Guernsey 10th September 2017; Amblystegium serpens, Brachythecium plumosum, Bryum donnianum, Dicranum majus, Didymodon insulanus, Frullania tamarisci, Isothecium alopecuroides, Lejeunea lamacerina, Ptychomitrium polyphyllum, Rhynchostegiella tenella, Saccogyna viticulosa, Schistidium rivulare, Tortella nitida and Tritomaria quinquedentata at Lynmouth, Devon on 5th March 2018; Fissidens adianthoides, Nowellia curvifolia and Trichostomum brachydontium at Watersmeet, Devon on 6th March 2018 and Marsh Fritillary on 9th June 2018 at Finglandrigg Wood NNR, Cumberland. 58
138 Megan Shersby 886 11th April, 2017
139 Andy Millar 859 30th August, 2014 Just added Toadflax Broacade to Lepidoptera having caught one last night.
140 Denise Murray 858 28th May, 2017 Dotterel 53
141 Alison Fure 850 30th April, 2014 Brown hairstreak butterfly
142 Grahame Madge 826 9th August, 2014 Harbour porpoise, Emerald damselfly, Essex skipper
143 Jacob Jackson 826 19th September, 2015 Long-spined sea scorpion, common sea urchin, chameleon prawn, five-bearded rockling, hairy crab, broad-clawed porcelain crab
144 Matthew Stevens 810 31st March, 2017 Adalia decempunctata, Subcoccinella vigintiquatuorpunctata, Lunularia cruciata, Apodemus sylvaticus; Metzgeria furcata 47
145 Mark Whittaker 804 16th May, 2018 Blue Fin Tuna 36
146 Keith Dickinson 791 16th June, 2018 03/06/18 microlinyphia pusilla, ichneumon suspiciosus 63
147 Mark Colvin 781 20th June, 2018 Monochamus sartor 58
148 Andrew Goodall 778 2nd July, 2014 Puccinia allii. Garlic Rust. Played havoc with my Garlic crop this year and seems to be fairly widespread 59
149 Ian Barthorpe 751 23rd January, 2017 American cliff swallow (RSPB Minsmere) 45
150 Alan Shearman 732 5th December, 2014
151 Dara McAnulty 730 29th May, 2017 13
152 Brendan Sheils 723 6th December, 2014 Cattle Egret
153 Meg Skinner 718 21st June, 2018 Volucella inflata, Pogonocherus hispidus, Labyrinth spider, barred yellow, barred straw 25
154 Neil Phillips 696 9th October, 2017 Goshawk, red necked grebe, bearded tooth and coral tooth fungus, devil's fingers
155 David Hunter 689 12th June, 2017 0
156 William O'Brien 632 1st September, 2014 Ribes uva-crispa, Symphoricarpus albus, Rumex obtusifolius, Tilia x europea, Lythrum Salicaria, Hypericum androsaemum, Borago officinalis, Acer pseudoplatanus, Plantago major, Matricaria discoidea, Plantago lanceolata, Stellaria media, Rhytisma acerinum.
157 Mark Cutts 631 1st August, 2017 0
158 John Lloyd 626 23rd April, 2017 Bombus hortorum, Bombus hypnorum, Andrena cineraria, Anthophora plumipes, Esperia sulphurella, Golden plover, Eider, Spotted redshank, Adoxa moschatellina, Early tooth-striped, Scarce prominent, Double striped pug, Nut-tree tussock, Green dock beetle, Weasel,
159 Liam Andrews 623 30th November, 2017 21
160 Hannah Dawe 622 7th December, 2014 Swallowtail
161 Geoff Morgan 603 29th October, 2015 Birds: Arctic Warbler 13/9/2015. Moths: Feathered Thorn 29/10/2015
162 Shaun Pryor 599 7th April, 2018 11/03/2018 Fringilla montifringilla (brambling), 05/04/2018 Anthrenus verbasci (varied carpet beetle), 06/04/2018 Orthosia cerasi (common quaker), Conistra rubiginea (dotted chestnut), Orthosia cruda (small quaker).
163 Alan Richards 567 14th June, 2018 71
164 Sam Buckton 558 15th March, 2018 The rust fungus Phragmidium sanguisorbae on Sanguiosorba minor, Devil's Dyke, Cambs. The first record from Cambs since 1936! I've also just added my totals for birds, bryophytes (from Cambridge Bryological Group excursions) and lichens (from recent Cambridge Lichen Group excursions). 22
165 John van Breda 557 3rd November, 2015 43
166 George Wilkinson 555 13th July, 2017 Adder's-tongue, short-styled field-rose 22
167 Rebecca Faulkner 535 28th July, 2016
168 Krisztina Fekete 533 14th April, 2016 12.04.16. Graphis scripta, Lecanora chlarotera, Lepraria incana, Cladonia fimbriata, Cliostomum graffithii, Calicium viridae, Xanthoria polycarpa, Hypogymnia pysodes, Parmelia saxatilis, Melanelixia fuliginosa, Physcia tenella, Lecidella Lecidella elaeochroma, Amandinea punctata 23.01.16. Pseudovadonia livida, Hypnum cupressiforme, Coelioxys elongata, Megachile versicolor, Omalus sp, Phaedon sp, Parmelia caperata 03.01.16. Episyrphus balteatus, Myathropa florea, Volucella pellucens, Eupeodes corollae, Eristalis tenax, Eristalis intricaria, Eupeodes luniger, Melanostoma mellinum, Sphaerophoria scripta, Chrysogaster solstitialis Rhingia campestris, Lasius niger, Carex acutiformis, Andrena nitida, Macrosiphum rosae, Evernia prunastri 06.11.15. Opilio canestrinii 17.11.2015 Microglossum rufum, Hygrocybe flavescens, Hygrocybe cantharellus 28.12.15. Trametes versicolor, Lumbricus terrestris, Xanthoria parientia, Placynthium nigrum, Pholcus phalangioides, Lepthyphantes, leprosus, Leibunum rotundum, Eupterychyba jucunda, Parmelia caperata, Armadillidium vulgare, Oniscus asellus, Eisenia fetida, Polytrichum formosum, Fissidens taxifoli Sicus ferrugineus, Syritta pipens, Eriothrix rufomaculata, Sepedon sphegea, Volucella inflata
169 Michael Cross 528 28th June, 2015
170 Alex Cropper 521 19th February, 2015 Early Moth
171 James Common 514 23rd August, 2017
172 Christopher Wood 505 30th November, 2014
173 Chase Unwin 500 10th June, 2014 496 - Silaum silaus 497 - Scrophularia auriculata 498 - Linum catharticum 499 - Euphrasia stricta 500 - Ophrys apifera
174 Jacob Spinks 496 28th January, 2017 15
175 Jacques Turner-Moss 490 28th May, 2016 Glossy Ibis (18th March 2016), Gagea bohimica, Smew, Scaup, 23
176 Victoria Burton 475 3rd January, 2017 Plectrophenax nivalis
177 Alexander Pleasance 475 23rd July, 2014
178 Colin Piper 456 24th November, 2017 Just compiled my British mammal list, 37 isn't bad out oof 101 (according to The Mammal Society). A pity I can't count Skomer Vole as I once soent a week counting the little blighters. 62
179 Teresa Fowler 430 22nd May, 2017 Adonis Blue (21 May 2017)
180 Libby Morris 392 20th May, 2018 27
181 Lee Walther 387 2nd June, 2016
182 Mike Bryant 381 4th May, 2015
183 Robert Pluck 374 28th May, 2016 35
184 Sophie Bagshaw 349 29th July, 2016 Harebell 18
185 Gus Routledge 348 28th January, 2016 18
186 Angela Lidgett 346 4th May, 2018 Henia vesuviana, Dicyrtomina saundersi, Black-necked Grebe
187 Mike Lush 326 23rd July, 2014
188 Sami Sankey 319 9th June, 2017 Glaucous Shears 13
189 Steve McWilliam 314 10th May, 2014 The Greater Pipefish, (Syngnathus acus, Linnaeus, 1758)
190 Adam Parker 294 17th June, 2018 31/5/18. COL: Amara plebeja; Clytus arietis; Zacladus germanii. DIP: Chromatomyia synegesiae; Volucella bombylans; Merodon equestris. HEM: Euceraphis betulae; Scolopostethus thomsoni 9/6/18. COL: Cantharis flavilabris; C. rufa. DIP: Cheilosina illustrata; Eristalis intrica; Dasineura urticae. HYM: Andrena cineraris 17/6/18. COL: Orchestes fagi. DIP: Syritta pipens; Syrphus ribesii. 30
191 Michael Ashford 290 18th July, 2017 Heterotoma planicornis - Mirid bug 23
192 Simi Bignall 285 25th April, 2018 52
193 Nevil Hutchinson 282 22nd July, 2017
194 Gillian Osborne 268 21st September, 2015 Rosebay Willowherb, Bloody Cranesbill, Red Clover, Herb Robert, Mugwort, Broad-leaved Willowherb, Sea Campion, Common Ragwort.
195 Benjamin Horton 238 9th June, 2018 17
196 Duncan Halpin 231 12th July, 2016 26
197 Ryan Mitchell 225 3rd January, 2016 21
198 George Steedman Jones 217 11th April, 2018 White legged snake millipede 17
199 Hester Small 213 2nd July, 2016 Cream Spot Ladybird,Sandwich Tern,Purple Sandpiper and Beadlet Sea Anemone.
200 Emily Small 206 1st May, 2018 9