Insects: hemipteroids

Bugs, Hoppers, Aphids, Whiteflies, Scale-insects, Psocids, Thrips, etc

Excellent photos of set specimens of the Heteroptera of Britain and Ireland by Rob Ryan. Not a complete guide to the fauna but growing rapidly. Highly recommended.

Quadrat bashing

July isn't my favourite month as I find quadrats labour intensive and dull, there isn't much chance to find new species. Or is there...

Yesterday I decided to try and record all the inverts in the quadrats I was surveying and came up with two lifers (both hoppers) with one of them being quite a nice one. Commoner stuff included Formica fusca, Chalkhill Blue, Fox Moth larva, and several Phytocoris varipes. Hoppers inlcuded Neophilaenus exclamationis and...

Very helpful website from Bob Dransfield and Bob Brightwell. Lots of photos and advice - one golden rule is to ensure you record the plant your aphid was on!


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