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Chilenocaecilius ornatipennis (Blanchard, 1851)

Recent introduction, first found in 2015.

Photo of Chilenocaecilius ornatipennisPhoto of Chilenocaecilius ornatipennisPhoto of Chilenocaecilius ornatipennis

Native to Chile and Argentina, this recent introduction was first found outside its native range in Co. Cork, SW Ireland in 2015, followed by widely dispersed records in 2016 in Northern Ireland (Fermanagh), SW England (Devon) and NE Scotland (Inverness-shire). It seems likely to spread more widely.

As of 19/09/2017, the NBN Atlas have no records of Chilenocaecilius ornatipennis. This may explain an error we are receiving from their server.

In Ireland, beaten from a wide variety of vegetation and in moss; also occurring in aerial traps.


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