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Atlantopsocus adustus (Hagen, 1865)

Uncommon in Ireland, rare in England

  • ATLANTOPSOCUS Badonnel,1944
  • adustus (Hagen), 1865

  • A. adustus is a somewhat larger species than A. personatus; the wing length of A. adustus is usually > 4 mm while that of A. personatus is usually < 4mm.
  • The best way to distinguish the species is by checking genital characteristics. The female subgenital plate of A. adustus has prominent oval, sclerified arms either side of the apex whereas in A. personatus these arms are more linear and more diffuse. The male hypandrium of both species has a double row with strong teeth. In the case of A. personatus these rows are straight whereas in A. adustus they are lightly sinuous

Distribution map of atlantopsocus adustus
  • Number of pre-1980 records = 0
  • Number of post-1980 records = 7

Region Main date range Extreme dates
North Unknown 16 June - 17 September
South Unknown 27 May - 30 September

Summary: has been found on deciduous tree branches.


  • Deciduous branches: alder and Ulmus minor.

Sampling techniques: beating branches.

  1. How widespread is the species in Ireland and what is its relationship to A. personatus?


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