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Ectopsocus briggsi

Species account
Ectopsocus briggsi Small (1.5–2mm) barkfly with dark spots on forewings present but not prominent. Always have wings longer than abdomen (macropterous).   One of the commonest species in Britain and Ireland.  Looks very similar to E. meridionalis (which has currently only been recorded in Ireland).
Ectopsocus briggsi No areola postica.  Diffuse dark marks where veins meet wing edge (cf. E. petersi that has much more prominent marks).
Ectopsocus briggsi Ectopsocus briggsi Female
Subgenital plate (underside of abdomen) has pair of colourless apical lobes with the inner margins converging (cf. E. petersi which has parallel margins).  The tips of the lobes have several short hairs (cf. E. meridionalis that has long hairs)
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Ectopsocus briggsi Ectopsocus briggsi Male
Two prominent areas of black tubercles are present at the top of the apex of the abdomen.  The smaller area forms a row (as opposed to a patch) which in side view is steep-sided (cf. E. petersi). No males of E. meridionalis occur.
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