Black-faced blenny

Fri, 05/15/2015 - 13:58 -- Dave Kilbey


We've had 9 records of black-faced blenny from the Sealife Tracker app so far. The males are very striking in the mating season and have a brightly coloured yellow body, blue edged fins and jet black heads. Typically, females and non-territorial males (out of the breeding season) are grey-brown with vertical dark bars running down their sides. Females can even mimic their background.

This male was photographed by John Elysee in Swanage Bay, an area where all but one of the records we've received have come from. The only other record we've received has been from Porthallow on the south coast of Cornwall. They're fish of rocky habitats and are found in shallow water so snorkellers can easily find them as well as divers. If you're on the south coast this year and go in for a snorkel keep your eyes peeled and we'd love to have your records should you see one.

male black-faced blenny


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