Mapping climate change indicator species and invasive, non-native marine life in the UK


Help scientists map key marine climate change indicator and invasive, non-native species

The Sealife Tracker project aims to collect much needed data on both invasive and climate change indicator marine species around the UK coastline.

It is a unique partnership between the British Sub Aqua Club, the Marine Biological Association, the Environment Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, The Scottish Environment Protection Agency, the University of Bristol and the Biological Records Centre.

You don't have to be a diver or snorkeller to take part either. The app features many species that you're just as likely to find in rockpools and on the shoreline. And, if you're lucky enough to own a boat, there's every chance you may encounter some of the pelagic species like Sunfish while out at sea, or find the invasive species in marinas.


Download the app

The Sealife tracker app, available free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play, shows you how to identify each species and enables you to easily submit geo-located photos whenever you find one. The app features 25 species - 14 of which are climate change indicators and 11 that are invasive, non-native species. There's an information page for each species with a photo gallery and also a "Confusion Species" gallery for each, to help you to correctly ID them.

Available free from the iTunes App Store
and Google Play