Bee-fly Watch

Join in with Bee-fly Watch 2018! Bee-fly being watched by Chloe Wrench (photo by Dan Wrench)

For the third year running we are keeping an eye on bee-flies - please join in and let us know if you've seen one. These distinctive furry flies can be seen in spring, often hovering over flowers and using their long 'nose' (proboscis) to feed on nectar. Last year was a record-breaking year, with more recorded than ever before - can we do even better in 2018?

Last year we had an early spring and bee-flies were everywhere. In 2018 it's a much slower start to the season - the maps show the latest update at 25 March:

Bee-fly distribution up to 25 March in 2017 compared to 2018



Bee-fly records per year


Map of bee-fly distribution in Britain