Bee-fly Watch

Join in with Bee-fly Watch 2019! Bee-fly being watched by Chloe Wrench (photo by Dan Wrench)

Bee-fly Watch is now into its fourth year  - please join in and let us know if you've seen one. These distinctive furry flies can be seen in spring, often hovering over flowers and using their long 'nose' (proboscis) to feed on nectar. 

  • To add your sighting to Bee-fly Watch 2019 please use the iRecord website or iRecord app. If you're new to bee-flies, or at all unsure of what you've seen, please upload a photo with your record.
  • If you don't know what a bee-fly looks like head over to Steven Falk's brilliant photos.
  • Download our identification guide for further details.
  • (To be added: See how this year's records are adding up.)
  • (To be added: See the result's of last year's Bee-fly Watch.)
  • For lots more fascinating facts on bee-flies go to our main bee-fly page, where there are lots more links, videos and downloads, and see #BeeFlyWatch2019 on social media.

Last year bee-flies got off to a good start with warm weather in early spring, and records were gathered from many parts of the country. What will 2019 bring?



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