Instructions and forms

General all taxa project overview: download here. Please see the taxon-specific information for the most up-to-date methods.


12/06/2014 Table of core squares ('Request a survey square' page) updated to include feedback on suitability of square for survey.

14/05/2014 Data entry screenshot guide added (see below).

01/04/2014 The instructions were updated in April 2014 to clarify the fact that only one survey per monad is required for a group (vascular plants, bryophytes or lichens) within the baseline period of 2014-2016. The primary aim of the project is to collect this baseline information over these three years to allow for a re-survey of the impacts of ash dieback in the future (e.g. in 10 or 15 years).


Vascular plants: download instructions here and survey form here.

Bryophytes: download instructions here and survey form here.

Lichens: download instructions here and survey form here.

A general letter for introducing surveyors to land-owners, or other interested parties, is available here; and a car windscreen sign here.

Data entry screenshot guide (all surveys) here.

Please email any comments on the methodology and survey forms to


Further background information:

Article from BSBI News 128 (Jan 2015) available here (note that the time-scale in Figure 1 was mis-printed).

Poster for British Lichen Society 2014 AGM available here, and more information on the BLS website here.

Article from Field Bryology 111 (May 2014) available here.

Article from BSBI News 125 (Jan 2014) available here.

Project on the British Bryological Society website here.

Project on the BSBI website here.


wfmillar [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsAsh Tree - - 590710