Investigating the impact of ash dieback: an update on the SPLASH project

Ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus) has continued its spread across the landscape of Britain and Ireland over the last year. Forestry Commission monitoring data suggest that little ground was gained during 2013, but the spread seems to have picked up again in 2014 (see below). It is difficult to know how much of this particular pattern of spread is real, and how much is due to variable monitoring effort, but it certainly appears that ash dieback is well on its way to becoming an established component of the ash-containing habitats of our islands.

SPLASH gets off to a flying start!

Plant and lichen recorders have been getting off to a good start this year on the 'Survey of Plants and Lichens associated with Ash', the only national survey that is trying to achieve a snapshot of the botanical and lichenological diversity associated with ash. So far 37 volunteers have signed up to survey 97 taxon-square combinations across Britain, with some volunteers already submitting data to the SPLASH website.