Bloomin' Algae app

Blue-green algae naturally occur in lakes, ponds, canals, rivers and reservoirs. They can, however, produce toxins that are harmful to the health of people and animals. Blooms of these algae are most commonly seen during the summer months, particularly in calm warm conditions. They are microscopic but clump together in visible colonies up to a few millimetres in size that form thin wispy streaks, or thick paint-like scums if the numbers are very large.

By sending in your records of blue-green algal blooms, through this app, we hope to get a better picture of the timing and location of blooms across the UK. This will help inform local authorities and relevant health agencies of potential public health risks and aid the UK environment agencies in bloom management and prevention in the future. As well as recording the location and date of the bloom, you are asked to submit a photo of the bloom and say what activities take place at the lake e.g. swimming, dog walking, etc. This is to gauge the potential health risks to people or animals.

You can view submitted records for the UK on the iRecord website.