Why iRecord? A virtual symposium on 21st April

This virtual event on 12th April 2023 will showcase some of the fantastic initiatives collating data gathered by volunteer biological recorders and delve into what the data is telling us about UK wildlife and how you can get involved. Biological recording is the scientific study of the distribution of living organisms, biological records describe the presence, abundance, associations and changes, both in time and space, of wildlife. 

It is super important as it often provides us with the data that we need to make all sorts of decisions about wildlife. Volunteer biological recorders and citizen scientists are responsible for generating data on a scale that would never be achievable by government agencies and researchers. 

Learn about how local groups are improving our understanding of their patch and how a national recording scheme is pulling together data from across the UK to better understand the species that they cover.

Image credit: John Lindley

Confirmed presentation titles and speakers 

  • Biological Recording Virtual Symposium 2023 Welcome & Introduction with Keiron Derek Brown (Biological Recording Company)
  • How iRecord Helps a Local Wildlife Group with John Lindley (South Stoke Wildlife Group)
  • Ten Years of Talking to People About iRecord: A County Perspective on Online Recording with Clare Blencowe (Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre)
  • Shifting Ground: The Ground Beetle Recording Scheme on iRecord with Chris Foster (Ground Beetle Recording Scheme)
  • Sipporting Science: A New Collaborative Approach to Supporting Verification with Rachel Conway (Butterfly Conservation)
  • Biological Records Centre: Supporting iRecord into the Future with Martin Harvey (UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)

This event is unfunded and we rely on ticket fees to cover the costs of running the event. However, we did not want cost to be a barrier to attendance so we are letting you decide when you book here, what you pay to attend! 

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Event Partners 

This event is delivered by the Biological Recording Company in partnership with the National Forum for Biological Recording and Biological Records Centre (part of UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology).