‘native’ and ‘alien’ - a biogeographical perspective

Title‘native’ and ‘alien’ - a biogeographical perspective
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsPreston, CD
JournalProgress in Human Geography
Date Published10/01/2009
ISBN Number0309-1325, 1477-0288
Keywordsalien, biogeography, conservation, native, species.

The concepts of native and alien species are essential to biogeography. They are fundamental to our understanding of why organisms grow where they do. Many species are easy to allocate to one or other category (eg, New World species in the Old World), although there are also of course doubtful cases. The biogeographical use of the terms as factual descriptions of modes of origin should be distinguished from their use in evaluating species for conservation purposes.

Short TitleProg Hum Geogr