Wildlife at Home Challenge: Activity summary

Totals for this activity

1038 species
4606 records
1838 photos

Species groups

Species totals league

1Peter Robinson399
2Alastair Sommerville232
3Gill Smart231
4Bruce Philp223
5Jean Muir215
6Buzz Clark185
7Alison Robertson175
8Mark Pollitt171
9Val Russell167
10Michael Jeeves144
11Peter Norman134
12John Halliday120
13Lee Paton98
14John and Rosie Rutherford97
15Jon Noad96
16Nic Coombey82
17Jim Logan79
18Jennie Jackson57
19Sue Hall53
20Jean Robson37

Records totals league

1Val Russell886
2Peter Robinson537
3Gill Smart292
4John Halliday278
5Alastair Sommerville262
6Bruce Philp249
7Jean Muir218
8Mark Pollitt208
9Buzz Clark191
10Alison Robertson175
11Michael Jeeves157
12Peter Norman135
13John and Rosie Rutherford101
14Lee Paton100
15Jon Noad97
16Jim Logan95
17Nic Coombey85
18Helen McDowall74
19Jennie Jackson60
20Sue Hall54