Berkshire Moths - latest records (from last two weeks): Activity summary

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150 species
521 records
24 photos

Species groups

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Species totals league

1Bernard Clark71
2Mark Calway52
3Oliver Fox50
4Nick Asher49
5Ian Esland34
6Dominic Mackenzie12
7Pete Boardman9
8Marc Botham8
9Geoff Sawers4
10Grahame Hawker1
10Sam Thomas1
10Michael Terry1
10Rachel Irving1
10Martin Harvey1

Records totals league

1Bernard Clark147
2Nick Asher116
3Oliver Fox100
4Mark Calway77
5Ian Esland34
6Dominic Mackenzie14
7Marc Botham12
8Pete Boardman9
9Grahame Hawker4
9Geoff Sawers4
11Michael Terry1
11Rachel Irving1
11Sam Thomas1
11Martin Harvey1