App updates needed.

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Matt Smith
App updates needed.

Apologies for essentially bumping the topics contained in various existing threads, but with the App being inceasingly used there are a couple of modifications that are now becoming urgent.

1) Grid References.  We really do need to see OS Grid References, calculated or otherwise, displayed as the defauly geo-reference on the record and in the Verification grid.  Lat/Long is impossible to read by eye and because of the length of the Lat/Long reference only the "Lat" pat is shown on the Grid.  This means we have to go into records all the time to check if the "Lat" part is different.


2) "Identified By" field needed.  We are seeing a lot of records coming in where pictures have been identified on Facebook but the record had been entered using the app.  The App does not currently have an "identified by" field which is needed for records like this - can we please have this added to the app asap as the lack of it is slowing down the verification process forthese records. 

Hi Matt,

Hi Matt,

Sorry for a late reply. I will add in the 'Identified by' field in the next app version 1.2.0. Regarding the GR change, it comes mainly from the iRecord website itself as it deals what attribute to include in the reports and to show to verifiers and for which I cannot anwer myself at the moment, but I am sure Martin Harvey is looking into it now.


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