Retrospectively assigning a record to an activity

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Retrospectively assigning a record to an activity


I have an observer who has already recorded a record. This was before they knew about the activity.  I can't see a way for them tio go back and edit the record to assign it to the Activity.  Is this possible now or could the Activity designnation be added as an editable field?



I would like to ask a similar

I would like to ask a similar question.  I've recently started participating in an activity called HES Wildlife Recording, but I've got 3.3K records that I'd like to add retrospectively.

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I would also be interested to know if it is possible.

I have many dragonfly and damselfly records which have not been picked up by the BDS because when I started recording I was misinformed by someone in the local group. I assumed my sightings were of no interest because none were being verified but recently I came across the BDS in the Activities list and everything clicked!



Matt Smith
Lack of verification of your

Lack of verification of your records may mean that you don't have an active Verifierer for those particular records / VC / County / However BDS organise things, not that the records are "in the wrong place".

County recorder

Thank you for the information. Yesterday I found out that our county recorder for dragonflies passed away during the summer so this is very sad and a great loss. He was a friend of a friend and I know he was much liked and respected in his field. I will keep recording my sightings; the data may be useful at a later date.

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