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What is the differnce between a record "Accepted as considered correct" and one "Accepted as correct".  I'm assuming the former is less definitive but in both cases the record is accepted so I'm not sure what that means - are the considered correct ones flagged up for subsequent review or something?

James Emerson

Both of those verification statements mean that the record has been accepted and will form part of the relevant dataset, so no further reviews. I think what most verifiers use the two options for are: Accepted as correct where they have seen a photo so can be sure you are right (and perhaps for experienced recorders who have submitted lots of correct records in their group) and accepted as considered correct is basically "I'll take your word for it". Considered correct could also be used for species where there is a lack of current knowledge, perhaps as a result of ongoing taxonomic work, so it is correct as far as we know.

Fair enough.  I've seen both

Fair enough.  I've seen both used by verifiers (sometimes by the same verifier) and not noticed a strong association with whether I had a photo or not (I've had photoless records 'correct' and photo records 'considered correct'. 

Matt Smith
Depends again on how

Depends again on how individual verifiers use the two options, always remembering that older records may have been input and verified on the system before the "Correct" and "Considered Correct" categores we added as options.  BWARS aim to use "Correct" (2 Green ticks)  for records with photos, and "Considered Correct" (1 green tick) for records without photos.

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