Garden BioBlitz Info Centre

Welcome to the Garden BioBlitz Info Centre where you can track progress as the records come in. If you have just submitted records, please note that it can take a few minutes for your records to appear on the reports. For more information on the Garden BioBlitz, see the Garden BioBlitz website.

The map shows the number of Garden BioBlitz sightings for each area across the United Kingdom.

Garden BioBlitz totals so far

904 species
2252 records
898 photos

Breakdown of what's being recorded

Counties League

PosVice Counties*Species

*Vice counties are a version of the county boundaries which don't keep changing, so they are very useful for biological records.

Recorders League

1Richard Comont268
2Jon Mortin205
3Robert Price173
4Tamasine Stretton160
5Wendy Tagg153
6Kieren Pitts137
6Michael Ashton137
8Marilyn Abdulla114
9Martin Elcoate106
10Stephen McWilliam90
11John van Breda73
12Hannah Cooke63
13Malcolm Jennings60
14Nicky Rowberry56
15Debbie Hart44
16Gi Grieco40
17Will George35
18Jonathan Mitchell33
19Russel Warren31
19Ben Deed31
21Heather Human29
22Susan Marley26
23Bob Ford20
24Carina Morris18
25Jeanette Dunn13
26Elizabeth York12
27Michael Cuff10
28Torin van Breda5