Using the iRecord App for the Garden BioBlitz

You can submit your records to the Garden Bioblitz using the iRecord App if you prefer rather than using the forms on this website. Before you do this, make sure you've joined the Garden Bioblitz activity if you've not done so already. You can download the app using the links below or find out more about the iRecord App:

Get it on Google Play

Once you've installed the iRecord App on your mobile device, you are ready to start contributing records to iRecord but there is one more step you must take to ensure that your records are added to the Garden BioBlitz results. 

Once logged in to the app, click the Activities button in the toolbar at the top of the app's records list (it's the second button from the left in the screenshot below):

The app records list with activities button

That will take you to the list of activities you've signed up for which are linked to the app. Simply select Garden BioBlitz activity for the correct year as shown below and the records you add to the app will now be added to the Garden BioBlitz results.

Selecting the Garden BioBlitz activity