Ladybird App Info Centre

Welcome a summary of data collected by the iRecord ladybirds mobile phone application.  If you have just submitted records, please note that it can take a few minutes for your records to appear on the reports.

Ladybird App totals so far

40 species
29613 records
21894 photos

Recorders League

1Amanda Brown22
1Helen Roy22
3Alison Horton19
4Alex Pickwell18
5David Roy17
5Peter Brown17
5Richard Jones17
8Gary Golding15
9Katharina Dehnen-Schmutz14
9Peter Ogden14
9Claire Watson14
12Dave Kilbey13
12Carole Johnstone13
12Nicqui Willis13
15Treena Collins12
15Hawk Honey12
15Neal Lochrie12
15Dorothy Boardall12
15John Newbould12
15Malcolm Smith12

The map shows the number of Ladybird App sightings for each area across the United Kingdom.

Click on the areas on the map to get details.