Sharing data with the NBN Atlas

Recording schemes and projects that make use of iRecord can choose to send their data direct from iRecord to the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Atlas. We can now supply updates to NBN on a monthly basis using an automated export process.

Schemes and projects that are currently (November 2018) providing monthly updates from iRecord to NBN are:

Most of the above datasets are filtered to include only records marked as "Accepted", but some scheme and projects also share unverified records, which are clearly flagged as such within the NBN Atlas.

Other datasets that have been supplied to NBN from iRecord previously but are not on the monthly update schedule are:

In total, over 400,000 records have been shared directly from iRecord to the NBN Atlas.

Not all recording schemes and projects choose to send data direct to NBN from iRecord, as some prefer to manage iRecord data via their own databases, and the flow to NBN goes from them rather than direct from iRecord, enabling many more records to be shared.

Many thanks to the verifiers and organisations involved in making the above data accessible via NBN, and thanks of course to all who have added records to iRecord in the first place. Thanks also to Natural England for funding some of the development work for the automated export process, and to NBN for their assistance.

If you are involved with a recording scheme or project and would like to make use of the regular updates from iRecord to the NBN Atlas please contact us via