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Species recording lists - making life easier

Hi all, 

Sorry if this is a bit off topic....... I am in the process of having our local nature conservation sites surveyed (there are lots - about 100). I'm asking local volunteers to create species lists for vascular plants (as thoroughly as possible).

One of the volunteers has asked if there are any lists of species set up, so that he could just tick them off, rather than having to wirte them out each time (he is covering lots of sites!)

So my question is - does anyone know if a tool is available that will print a list of 'potential' species for a site, given a set of criteria (i.e. part of the country / upland or lowland / broad habitat type)? It wouldn't need to be completely accurate, as species could be written out if they were missing. 

If not I might try and make one!! 



John H Bratton
I believe you can download

I believe you can download plant species recording cards for different regions of Britain from the BSBI web site. They use abbreviated scientific names so some expertise is needed, and they aren't complete lists for the region, just the few hundred most likely to be recorded in each region, with space to add extras.


John Bratton

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