Variegated Ilex aquifolium (holly) locations

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Variegated Ilex aquifolium (holly) locations

Hello all,
Sorry if this is not the place to ask this but it is worth a shot and the people on this website are the ideal people to ask. Does anyone know where I can find a good amount of variegated holly tree/shrub individuals? I am doing my third year project next year (I study ecology at Royal Holloway, Surrey) on the effects of plant variegation and plant sex on the herbivory of the holly leaf miner (Phytomyz ilicis) on holly. My campus has a few variegated holly trees but I would like more and also the adult leaf miner flies have not come accross them in large numbers yet it seems. I would like to find a more reliable population/group of individuaks of holly for when I collect leaves in October. Somewhere in or around Surrey and Leicester (where my family live) would be ideal.

Thanks guys,
Elliott L

robert p c shaw

Your best bet is to check with your local BSBI vice county recorders for Surrey and Leicester, check here for details:

Otherwise, because varigated holly varieties are bred garden plants your best locations are going to be in gardens, churchyards and parks. you could try checking with any large country parks nearby if they have any of the desired trees. Unfortunatly for you varigated holly trees are not usually recorded because they're bred cultivars so don't/rarely occur in the wild.

Complicated too because 'varigated holly' could be both multiple forms of Ilex aquifolium of which the best known is f. argenteomarginata but could also be forms of the hybrid I. x altaclerensis

Holly Collection at Windsor Great Park

Hello Elliott

As coincidence would have it, I went to Royal Holloway and on checking what was at Windsor Great Park, just down the road from you,  found this at

"There is far more to holly, however, than just a plant with a spiny, shiny leaf, as is evident in the national collection at the Valley Garden in Windsor Great Park. Fifty-two species are on display, but taking into account all the different cultivars, there are 301 different kinds of plant in the collection. "

It would seem that your best chance is to talk to the gardener at the Great Park.


Thank you both for replying,

Thank you both for replying, it is much appreciated. I will explore some nearby gardens and look up the records on that website after my holiday at the Isle of Wight.

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