13-spot ladybird?

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13-spot ladybird?

I've just uploaded details of this ladybird that I found in my garden back on 5th June 2015 (landed on my laptop working there) and think it's a 13-spot ... but having just got round to looking it up now I realise this is quite rare. Can anyone confirm it for me? There is a second picture here.

William Bishop

 Cream-streaked Ladybird. Are you near pines?


This is actually a 10-spot

This is actually a 10-spot ladybird, Adalia decempunctata - a common species of trees and shrubs. The 13-spot ladybird is quite variable but has a very distinctive pronotum - see https://www.flickr.com/photos/rcomont/6103221453/in/photostream/

Matt Smith

No need to make a forum post asking for people to check the ID of a record you submitted.  The Ladybird scheme are very active and your record should get checked and queried very rapidly.

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