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Alan Rowland
Missing species

I'm trying to enter a slime mould - Enteridium lycoperdon but cannot.

Is it missing from the database or have I misspelled it?

Also trying to enter Scorpion fly but can only do so using its scientific name Panorpa communis. When I do this, the vernacular name appears but appears to be not found by typing it in.

Enteridium lycoperdon is now

Enteridium lycoperdon is now called Reticularia lycoperdon, which is in the database. None of the scorpionflies are listed as having vernacular names, so can only be entered with their real names - the line beneath the name stating 'insect - scorpionfly (Mecoptera)' is just listing the category

Alan Rowland
Thanks Rimo - that explains

Thanks Rimo - that explains it fully. I will make the necessary changes to my input.

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