Records showing "Recorder" instead of name in the Recorder column

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Mike Fox
Records showing "Recorder" instead of name in the Recorder column

I was veryfying some ant records when I noticed that three records show "Recorder" instead of name in the Recorder column.

As far as I can see the user seems to have completed the record OK. These are the records affected 2778938, 2778939 and 2779295.

I notice that in all three cases two names and an ampersand have been entered into the Recorder field. Might this be what has caused the problem?

Matt Smith

Mike - I asked this a while back and was told that it comes about because there are multiple recorders listed on the record.  As I said then, I would prefer to see all of the names listed but it is an issue with the size of the display fields.  Not sure what the record download export says?

hi both

hi both

Matt is right about the reason for this.

You can see the full list of recorder names by looking at the 'record details' view of an occurrence, e.g.  These pages are also accessible directly from the verification page.



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