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Problem with photos in apps


I'm having problems with the quality of the images I upload when using any of the recording apps.

I always take photos first with my phone (to check for the best shot) before I start using the app to report a sighting.  I always select the best photo I've taken making sure it's clear and well focussed. Yet when I see the photo on the record it is always very poor quality, grainy and often with very little detail discernable.  For some reason these 'bad' photos are also then saved in the gallery on my phone.

Any idea if it's a problem with my phone or do the apps for some reason take a copy of the photo, thus reducing the quality?

Hope you can help.




Hi Amanda,

Hi Amanda,

Yes, that doesn't sound right.. thanks for reporting it. I will try looking into your problem, but first I would like to know more about your device and the apps you are using.

  • What is the make and OS version of your phone?
  • Which applications do you think behave this way?
  • I would like to see your submitted record with the affected photo (URL or record ID) 
  • If it is not too much work maybe you could send us of an example of an original and resized photos

Let us know of anything else that you think that might affect the problem (eg. low space on device).



Hi thanks for responding.  

Hi thanks for responding.  


My phone is an HTC OneM8. Android 6.0, HTC Sense 7.0.  The phone is less than 2 years old.

Ladybird app - 2nd (grainy) copy of photo is uploaded to the app & saved to my phone along with the original photo.

Grasshopper app - grainy photo is uploaded to the app, but a copy isn't saved to my phone.

IRecord app - no problem - photo is original quality.  But other problems with app - detailed in a new thread started 9 July.


Peter from the Ladybird app is aware of the problem as we've discussed it recently with regard to one of my records  - 3262815  - the final photo was uploaded via the app, the second photo is the same one uploaded  on laptop via the website.

3621200 via Grasshopper app - the final photo was uploaded via the app, the other 3 were uploaded via my phone to the website today.

Other examples of bad photo uploads are:  3602332, 3253543, 3145585

Seeing as I've uploaded some extra photos via the website  (detailed above) maybe you wont need me to send any photos, but let me know if you need any.




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