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Nature Reserves

(1)   Do you want sightings from Nature reserves, or do you get these automatically from the reserve?

(2) In Bird nature reserves (eg Cley, Holme etc) are you interested only in things other than birds, eg Flora, Diptera?

John H Bratton
I don't run iRecord, but I

I don't run iRecord, but I think I'm safe in saying all records are wanted, and there is no automatic system by which a nature reserve's records will get into BRC's databases if the naturalists making them don't send them in.

Matt Smith
iRecord is just a recording

iRecord is just a recording system provided to facilitate people to manage their records and enable data to be passed to participating recording schemes, not an automatic data collection facilty for everywhere.  I would suspect the great majority of records made on amost reserves never get beyond the visitors book.

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