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Sensitive records

Another one for the wishlist - I noticed today when recording a couple of Schedule 1 bird species there's no way I can see to make records sensitive before uploading, and indeed you can't even edit the record when uploaded as you need to recreate the record as a Casual Record.

Matt Smith
I think this links into an

I think this links into an earlier query I raised about uploaded records in that the "edit" screen for uploaded records is the "Enter a list of Records" page rather than the "Enter a casual Record" page which is really what is needed.  If we go to the "Edit a list of records" page then there is no facility to flag a sensitive record.  Could we move this issue up the fix list please - records are going in individually from the app so we need to edit them on that basis too with full edit facilites for all the fields we have on iRecord itself.


Senisitive records

I would like to add support for PeteMella's wish of being able to eneter sensitive records on the app.

Hi All,

Hi All,

Yup, we have fixed record editing on the iRecord website - it should show up on next app update.

Regarding the sensitive record submission, I have created a new feature request for that:


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